1:2 Perseverance Mars Rover Replica Design and Building Diary

Building and Testing the Wheel Skeleton of the Mars Perseverance Rover Replica

We have completed the machining of the wheel spokes of the 1:2 Mars Perseverance Rover replica. All the parts are assembled. It is really exciting to hold the assembled wheel skeleton in my hands and feel its weight. Although the structure successfully passed the computer simulations, we still anticipated seeing its bearing ability in the physical world.

We designed a special tool to test the entire wheel of the 1:2 Mars Perseverance Rover replica, including the steering motor structure, the ‘C’ shape connection structure, the wheel hub, and the spokes. In this stage, we only completed the wheel skeleton which is composed of the wheel hub, and the spokes so we cannot take advantage of that special tool to do the test. However, we did find a very primitive but effective way to test the strength of the wheel skeleton of the Perseverance Mars rover replica.

We were worrying whether this skeleton structure can bear the weight of the entire Perseverance Mars rover replica so it’s really nice to see the structure is STRONG. LOL.